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  NY Plantings can repair and upgrade any type or        brand Drip Irrigation systems or Lawn Sprinklers.  
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New 'Smart/WIFI' integrated Drip Irrigation Controllers and other Irrigation System Reliability upgrades. "New York Plantings Irrigation is always ahead of the competition as enthusiasts and master gardeners with advanced mechanical background."        

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     Above: Installing drip irrigation which will supply water straight to the roots of a tree, shrub or plants. We can install these types of "drip irrigation lines" and other reliable automatic garden watering methods neatly and professionally for your NYC Roof Garden, Penthouse Terrace,Townhouse/Brownstone Landscape etc.   

What is a Drip Irrigation System?   
   We all know that our garden or landscape plantings, trees, shrubs and flowers require water to survive and remain healthy, right? Well, Drip Irrigation Systems are the most efficient and effective way to protect your investment in that beautiful landscape and provide water to your garden. By supplying water directly to the roots of your plants, you are eliminating much of the evaporation loss experienced when using traditional lawn or garden sprinklers.
Stop wasting water and wasting time! NY Plantings can also upgrade your current irrigation systems with new "smart" drip irrigation system controllers and WIFI lawn sprinkler system controllers, which will also work well with your drip irrigation system.
  Cotact NewYorkPlantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting today to schedule an irrigation system installation, Spring drip irrigation system start or Fall drip irrigation system winterizing. We provide yearly irrigation system service agreements as well. 

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 Drip Irrigation watering uses less water to moisten soil. You save money by reducing your water bill and have a much better chance of planting survival vs. hand watering. 

You will save time: A typical roof garden or landscape might take an hour or more per day to water in Summer and you still might not be able to keep up on hot days.
A Rooftop Garden or Penthouse Terrace Landscape Drip Irrigation System can be set to water several times per day, setting watering by drip irrigation for a few minutes at a time will keep your soil at optimum moisture levels for best plant health. healthy plants, trees and shrubs will be less sensitive to harsh winter conditions and hot summer days due to their strong robust root systems. Hand watering cannot compete with the consistent, steady watering that a modern drip irrigation system 

 New York Plantings Automatic Drip Irrigation Systems are designed to be a dependable way to water your garden plantings or landscape's trees and plants.  
Who are "NewYorkPlantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting NYC"? 
Not all NYC Irrigation companies are the same: Not all Irrigation System requirements are the same! At New York Plantings Irrigation services we Design, Install and Service Irrigation Systems as part of our complete approach to providing the finest quality Gardening and Irrigation Services available in NewYork (or anywhere).Drip Irrigation NYC,Installing drip irrigation,Drip Irrigation installers,New York Plantings,NYC Irrigation companies,Rooftop watering systems NYC,Irrigation repair NYC,fix irrigation nyc,Terrace garden watering,penthouse irrigation systems,lawn sprinklers nyc,irrigation brooklyn,manhattan irrigation services,drip irrigation parts,landscape lighting nyc New York Plantings Irrigation services Technicians  service and install over 100 Automatic Drip irrigation systems, Lawn Sprinkler Systems and Landscape Irrigation systems per year. We provide the same high level of expertise in Drip Irrigation Systems that our Garden Design and Landscape service is known for. We operate with fully equipped Garden service and Irrigation service trucks fully stocked with Drip Irrigation system parts and Lawn Sprinkler system supplies.Experienced Irrigation Service Technicians will provide great service for your Garden watering systems. Whether its a Manhattan Penthouse garden that needs a new Drip Irrigation system or a Brooklyn Brownstone with Lawn Sprinklers, you can call New York Plantings Irrigation service for your Garden irrigation system needs. No other NYC Irrigation System Service Company, NY Gardener or Landscaper currently matches our outdoor space improvement abilities and scope of work. Our company is experienced in building complete NYC Rooftop Gardens  which has made us better technicians all around. In fact our company is now the fastest growing Drip irrigation company in Manhattan for Rooftop Gardens and NYC Terrace gardens. That's because of the work we perform in the design and build our Rooftop gardens as a complete  turn-key package. 
There are many factors to consider when designing an Irrigation system. A New York Plantings Irrigation specialist will evaluate your Garden & Landscape to design a automatic drip Irrigation system that is reliable, efficient and affordable.
                         Drip irrigation in planters typical of Penthouse gardens, rooftop planters and terrace garden watering systems
Photo                     Photo
                                              No More hand watering! Go on vacation without worry!
No need to ask anyone to water your plants while you are away. You will come home to healthy, beautiful gardens and plantings. Our Drip irrigation installers will provide your garden or landscape trees, shrubs and flowers with plenty of fresh clean water automatically with a reliable drip irrigation system or landscape sprinkler system.   
  Drip Irrigation and Automatic Watering Systems installed Usually in one day! Our team works hard to make sure your investment, planning and time spent designing and installing your  lawn, garden or landscape is protected by a reliable Sprinkler System or quality Drip Irrigation.
  Dedicated Lawn Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation service truck are fully stocked with any part needed to repair or install a Lawn Sprinkler system or a Drip irrigation system. We cover Manhattan and NYC Metro area as well as NJ and PA Metro areas.Drip Irrigation NYC for Rooftop Gardens!  ( See the Irrigation Service truck below)                                                                                                    
                       New York Plantings Landscape Lighting Design and installations are supervised with several years experience in low voltage electrical systems, formal factory training from OEM landscape lighting manufacturers along with decades of hands on experience in service and repair of Outdoor lighting, Garden lighting and landscape lighting systems. After a short time working with New York Plantings Landscape Lighting installers it will become clear that we know our business well.  Contact us to discuss your landscape lighting needs. We have a healthy stock of stylish high quality LED outdoor Landscape lights, Landscape Lighting transformers and timers for prompt efficient service and installations.        

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 E32 st and 3rd Av. Manhattan, NYC public courtyard park with all trees supplied and planted by New York Plantings Garden Designers NYC, One of the largest drip irrigation systems installed in Manhattan feeds over 75 trees, shrubs and plants. A modern        LED Landscape lighting system using "Cast" brand outdoor lighting keeps the Manhattan landscape looking great day or night.     
                                  Landscape Lighting design and Landscape Lighting installation,
                                 Many photos and references of our Landscape Lighting Projects
            New York Plantings Irrigation system Division has over 18 years experience in Residential and Commercial automatic lawn Sprinklers and  Drip Irrigation Systems Design. Proven Irrigation systems design techniques and a leading Technical college fluid dynamics certification combine to become the new standard in greenroof Irrigation design principals. The latest available Technologies in irrigation controls and components, New York Plantings Irrigation will provide the best value and service anywhere. Whether installing new Automatic Sprinkler or Drip Irrigation systems in NYC or improving existing Irrigation system New York Plantings Irrigation Service team is the company to call for all your Garden and Irrigation needs. Currently our company is the leader in creating Rooftop Gardens NYC, in Manhattan we are the fastest growing Drip Irrigation company

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New York Plantings Garden Design & Irrigation Services include: Residential and commercial service, rooftop garden watering systems, designing your irrigation system, installations and servicing of any type of Landscape watering system or garden water delivery systems or additions to existing drip or garden sprinklers. Irrigation control upgrades, New Irrigation timers, drip irrigation controllers, rooftop irrigation timers, winterizing irrigation systems in NYC, Spring lawn sprinkler startups, Spring drip irrigation start ups, Rooftop irrigation startups, Irrigation Spring start ups and adjustments, Irrigation & Automatic sprinkler winterizations and landscape irrigation system blow outs. Basic and advanced service contracts.
We can start up service and adjust any type of Residential or commercial Sprinkler or irrigation system.
  Automatic Drip irrigation, rooftop irrigation, lawn irrigation service, irrigation maintenance, Irrigation service Manhattan, New York city Irrigation service, Irrigation timers, Irrigation clocks, Irrigation parts and supplies, Irrigation system installers, Drip irrigation repair, Spring Irrigation Start up, Fall Irrigation winterizing and blowout. Ask For our special discount Irrigation service rates with Spring and Fall Garden and Yard Cleanup, Penthouse, rooftop garden and greenroof irrigation specialists.    
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Specialists in: Any type or style of watering system for landscapes and gardens. Rooftop Garden Irrigation Design, Irrigation sytem Consult, Installation and repair of lawn sprinkler systems, Experts in Electronic Irrigation timers and controls, DripWatering Systems, micro Sprinklers, Greenroof irrigation systems, Commercial Irrigation Systems.