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Custom built wood planters NYC

                               Thoughts and philosophy in our work at NewYorkPlantings

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Custom Made Planters and how New York Plantings became the planter box design and build company NYC:
    When New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Contracting NYC's proprietor Todd Nappi was looking for the right people to help build custom made planters, decks, custom built wood fencing, outdoor kitchens and hardscapes the brainstorm came: Why not learn to use all these great woodworking and hardscape installation tools the NY Plantings Garden Design Company has amassed rapidly over the past 6 years? I love tools. When we are doing

"I had already realized " (all too clearly) that I could not even cut a piece of wood properly....but then asked myself just why I relied solely upon carpenters and woodworkers as my employees in building our hardscapes (such as built in planter boxes or custom planters, custom built fences, decks, landscape designs and installing penthouse hardscape/roof garden design concepts). While we were lucky to have built some great relationships and complete these Urban Landscape Design concepts by turning these landscape design ideas into completed installations it often became clear that I needed to overcome the challenge of finding skilled tradesmen who bring artisan qualities to our custom built planter boxes and NYC outdoor hardscape building services. I was already an accomplished mechanic and technician. With decades of machine and engine building, from motorcycle restoration to performance automotive. This is why we naturally became a NYC landscape contractor, since my love and obsession with gardening, landscape design and hands on landscape design/build, hardscape installations coupled with a vast technical and mechanical background made an obvious advantage over just about any urban gardener or so-called "competitor".
      The advantages of growing up on Long Island's north shore in a good neighborhood, mentored by mechanical and garden enthusiasts from the age of 8, then, with formal technical training such as diesel and auto college, advanced hydraulics ( caterpillar's mobile fluid power), factory training later in landscape lighting design and installations, drip irrigation systems and other related work too vast to list here.
    Still, I avoided woodwork like the plague.
Then I decided that I could not rely solely upon my one great carpenter and a few skill less and lacking helpers. 
I placed an advertisement for carpenters again but this time different. I was asking for a master carpenter and woodworker who had their own shop. It could be a garage at home was fine, just someone who loved woodwork as I loved gardening and landscaping. Someone who performed woodwork as a hobby after working all day as a carpenter or on weekends, hours into the night just because they loved to work with wood and know the techniques of effective wood joinery.
     I advertised for a master carpenter who could teach me the basics from the start such as proper use of all those great tools we have and methods of woodwork. Only a few people could answer this employment ad and the few that did turned out to be....well, in a way like me.
True enthusiasts, not just guys that perform carpentry for a living.
   Well, not only did I learn, but 2 of the men that came to teach me actually build planters and hardscapes for New York Plantings Custom Planters

      In fact, I needed to teach my instructors about outdoor hardscape and heavy duty outdoor carpentry and what I have learned or experienced with the hundreds of planter boxes for rooftop gardens and terrace planters too. After years of finding broken and flimsy planter boxes, some of them were nice looking custom planters built by carpenters but often falling apart nevertheless.
  I began to look for ways to improve upon the basic planter design and add reinforcement to key areas. This is one factor often overlooked by carpenters who have no actual experience in hardscape or lack the decades of urban landscape design and installations.
   We have now come up with a great formula for building planters and other hardscape items that addresses the shortcomings of the common planters that we find either online or that have been built by carpenters who have not had the experience of seeing how planter boxes either deteriorate, separate or understand the pressures created by freezing soil and water mix.
     Check back and we can add more information or edit this page.
As an actual garden and mechanical enthusiast you know that much more goes into our work than the basics.